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The Mav-IT Ltd. is committed to the long-term cooperation with businesses partner for 15 years.

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Our company offers small businesses needed it and a significant part of the corporate management area. If you give him an opportunity to convince you that you can give a new impetus to our services for your business. We are convinced that we can add your business to do something. Let's talk over a coffee, the recoverable amount is useful and how we can develop areas of cooperation.

Management systems

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, or OHSAS system do you need? Approaching the audit and do not know what to do? Our company is the best firefighter.

System administrator service

Outsourced systems administrator - only 10€ /computer/month? Be surprised, and then contact us.

Software development

For a long time been suffering from a boxed software, which is far removed from your job? It is now in the hands of the option. Switch To.

Effective antidote against the compromises: a unique Web application.

Fed up with being at the ready, "boxed" software products through the company's need to make it work? Can't find your special activities tailored to your program? Do not be sad. Read on!

Don't settle for anything less! Downtown parking for up to two hours a day for the price of custom software. In addition, it will pay off later.

We believe that, as in other areas of life nor the programming profession may not everyone is equally excellent performance in all areas. Therefore, the Mav-IT Ltd. is strength, a specialty of the area's unique, cross-platform WEB-based software development. The WEB-based software is one of the most important of the many advantages to any Internet-connected computer can be run without installation, so the world can work on the same software at the same time, the staff. 

Software products


Instead of the administrator who is working do you have?


No One? Then everything works fine. Anyway let us turn an effective IT solutions!

Not everything is cheaper, which is less expensive. A freelance administrator surely you see it differently. Good ideas are going to be and you know how to make it happen. I assure you: we know that we must be better for you, than you.

The consultation does not pay, but the benefits of wearing them. Trying Out?

I'll Try It!


We know that our customers love us.

The continuous improvement of the quality of our service, however, is an electronic questionnaire to regularly assess the level of satisfaction of our customers. The results will be published on a regular basis to ensure that you also confirm that:

Our customers really love us.

Why? Here they describe.

System Administrator service packages

Efficient work without IT support? This is now no one might think seriously. Entrust effective IT solutions!

Economy package
10 € per month
Unlimited phone, remote desktop and e-mail support
Data recovery development, supervision
Web hosting (mail+web) for 1 CMS website
Web based groupware systems
Remote desktop access for each co-workers
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Standard package
20 € per month
Az Economy package +
Unlimited site work
Instead of the failed computer for free
IT security policy development
Information technology education

Most popular!

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Premium package
40 € per month
Economy + Standard package +
Free NAS data backup
Free small business server
Unlimited data archiving, for 5 years
Uninterruptible power supply
Repair parts for free
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